CYMDEITHAS LLANDAF                                                                                     

Welcome to Llandaff, a City within a City
The historic City of Llandaff lies to the north of Cardiff city centre, beside the River Taff. It boasts the magnificent Llandaff Cathedral, a bustling High Street, a picturesque village green and a thriving community.

Events and Lectures

  • Upcoming Talks
  • All in Llandaff Memorial Hall at 7.00pm
    25th February 
    Old Windmills of Glamorgan
    Gerald Nash
    25th March
    The Rebecca Riots
    Dick Jenkins

    29th April: The Lisbeth David Memorial Lecture
    Building New and Retrofitting Old Homes to be Eco-Friendly
    Carolyn Merrifield

  • January Lecture


  • Recent Events
  • Friday 24th September
    ‘Ancient Parish Churches of the Lordship of Gower and Gentrified Residences by
    Jeff Childs

    Friday 23rd July
    Cosmeston Park by
    Sharon Mullins, Assistant Countryside Ranger
    Metropolitan University’ by Cara Aitcheson, Vice Chancellor, CMU

Llandaff History & Archives
The Story of Llandaff

The city of Llandaff is located at an ancient ford across the River Taff where a Roman road led to the fort at Cardiff. The settlement grew around Llandaff Cathedral, built by the Normans in 1120 to house the shrine of St Teilo who was traditionally said to have founded the site in 540. Medieval Llandaff had its own market and a castle where the Bishops of Llandaff resided. After the Reformation ended pilgrimages to Teilo's shrine, the Cathedral was partially ruined and Llandaff's importance decreased. The growth of Cardiff as a major coal port during the Industrial Revolution brought prosperity to the area and enabled the Cathedral to be restored between 1843 and 1869. Llandaff was developed by the Victorians as a genteel suburb with significant houses including Insole Court and Rookwood House. During the major bombing raid on Cardiff in January 1941, the Cathedral was devastated by a parachute mine and several buildings were destroyed. After World War II, Llandaff became more populous as suburbs were built on the Insole estate. The Cathedral was rebuilt in 1957 and BBC Wales's headquarters were established in Llantrisant Road from 1966 to 2020.

Llandaff through time

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Over the years, Llandaff has been the site of many events, from Doctor Who to the Royal Jubilee

Archives and Documents

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Historic photos and articles about Llandaff, and back issues of the Society's newsletter.

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Local Organisations

The Llandaff Society connects to a network of other groups, institutions and societies in and around Llandaff.

About & Contact Us
About the Society
The Llandaff Society was founded in 1977 to stimulate public interest and civic pride in Llandaff. We aim to: promote high standards of planning, architecture and design
— promote the provision of public and community facilities
— enhance the quality of life
— secure the conservation of features of architectural and historic interest
     See Documents for responses to planning applications submitted by the Society to Cardiff Council


For more information on the Llandaff Society, please email the Chairman: info@llandaffcity.co.uk

Chairman/Secretary (Interim):
John Prior-Morris
Vice Chair: Kay Powell
Membership Sec: Gaynor Morgan
Alun Morgan, Allan Hair, Jackie Askey, Rosemary Scadden,
Geoff Barton-Greenwood

Annual subscriptions

Members: £7
Under 18 not in family: £2
Family (covers two adults and children under 18 living in one household): £12
Senior citizens (60+): £5
Corporate : £20

Lifetime subscription
£60 (individual), £90 (joint)